Pole Pruners are Essential for Trimming the Hard-to-Reach Parts of Plants

Posted On 2023-07-03 01:06:25

Pruning is essential if you want the plants in the garden or orchard to grow up with the proper structure or to suffer from no health conditions. When pruning is performed at a routine interval, it’s possible to ensure that a plant does not grow up with diseased or weak branches. You can also ensure that a plant grows up in a desired shape through timely pruning. You can prevent a plant’s disease from spreading to different parts or spreading to other plants by pruning the diseased parts. However, it’s wise to contact an arborist for pruning because the incorrect pruning techniques can cause more harm than good.

An arborist is a certified professional who studies arboriculture and knows which parts of a plant have to be pruned to ensure healthy growth with no disease whilst maintaining the right structure. It’s also possible for an arborist to select the right tool for pruning. Different types of tools are used for pruning, such as hand-shears, secateurs, loppers, topiary-shears, pruning saw etc. You have to select the tools based upon the area or part of the plant which has to be pruned. The pole pruner machine is an essential tool for pruning. They are used to prune the parts of a plant which are difficult to reach from the ground.

The reach of the pole pruners differs from one pruning device to another. In general, you can reach the branches, which are located at a distance of 8 feet or higher, using a pole pruner. You may not have to use the pole pruners often; however, it comes in handy when you have to prune a dead or weak branch of a tall tree that is located a few feet above the ground.

There are different types of pole pruners, such as Neptune pole pruner, in the market.

·         The rope-less pole pruners can be used to prune thinner branches which are no more than 1-inch in diameter.

·         The manual pole pruners and electric pole trimmers can be used to trim the thicker branches. You can use them to prune the branches which are 8 inches or less in diameter.

·         The electric pole chainsaw is another type of pole pruner which is used to prune thicker branches.

Thus, you have to select the right type of pole pruner based upon your distinctive needs. You can use the pole pruners in the following situations.

·         They can be used to prune the new growth at the edges of a tall and mature tree. The pole pruners can be used to trim any new growth which is located a few feet above the ground. However, a pole pruner cannot be used to quickly trim off the branches.

·         A pole pruner is equally useful in cleaning the trunk with epicormic growth on the mature plants.

·         It can be used to prune the parts of the plants which are growing on trellises.

You will find different types of pole pruner in the market.

1.  Rope-less Pole Pruner

Some of these lightweight pole-pruners are fitted with a fixed handle which may be 6-7 feet tall. Some rope-less pole pruners are fitted with a telescopic handle and the length can be adjusted based upon users’ requirements. A pole pruner fitted with a telescopic handle can be used to reach the branches which are located as high as 12 feet above the ground. The rope-less pruners cannot be used to prune the branches which are more than 1 inch in diameter.

2.  Manual Pole Pruners

This type of pole pruner is fitted with a curved pruning blade which is 12-16 inches in length. This blade is attached to the end of an adjustable pole. The length of the poles made of fibreglass material can be adjusted from 8-16 feet. The price of manual pole-pruners depends upon their distinctive features. The curved blade has sharp teeth which can be used to smoothly cut through the dead wood or green wood even when the pole remains extended. A manual pole-pruner can quickly cut through the limbs up to 8-inch in diameter.

3.  Electric Pole with Chainsaw

Some of the pole pruners, such as Neptune Pole Pruner 2 Stroke Engine, are fitted with an engine for powerful performance. This type pruning device can be used to cut the thicker branches. They can reach the branches which are located fairly above the ground. This type of pruner is fitted with a telescopic handle which can be extended up to 8-10 feet if needed. It’s prudent not to use this type of pole pruner to trim the thinner branches.

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