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Hand Push Seeder Machine And Their Uses

Posted On 2022-01-09 08:25:15

Drilling of the soil is the very first step in the agricultural process. In order to grow healthier crops, soil should be well prepared. It may have its natural strength and elements that are required for the healthy growth of the plants.

What is sowing of seeds

Digging of soil is the very first step in agriculture of any type of crop. If the soil is dug perfectly, then it becomes easier for the cultivators to yield healthy crops. The very first step is an essential one as it involves the preparation of the base of a thing. If the soil is dug at the right level and the seeds are sown in that then they will receive proper amount of light, water and other nutrients which will help them to grow fast.

Correct sowing helps the seed grow into good crop that actually bears the fruits of struggle. The seed drill machines help in correct placement of the seeds in the field. The seeds are distributed in rows and are perfectly placed and covered by the soil. This helps in growth of the seeds into good plants. The drilling system inside the machine is divided into rows, so it automatically acts in that order and helps in placing the seeds correctly.

Improper distribution of the seeds results in poor growth of crops and this leads to lesser amount of crop production.

Seeding machine improves crop production

The use of seeding machine can help in the rise of crop production as the seeds are placed correctly and in right order. Seeds are not well placed if they are placed with the use of hands.  

The germination becomes stronger as the seeds are placed exactly in the right depth and they get to grow stronger and healthier. The tubes in the machine create holes in the right order and put the seeds in the specific holes. A prepared soil provides good moisture to the plants and helps them grow faster than others.

What is the need of Hand Push Seeder Machine             

The hand push seeder machines right from their creation days are made to do the placement of the seeds. These machines are useful in small land holdings where small amount of seeds are to be sowed and grown into crops. These were much useful as they helped in reducing the physical effort of people.  

The manual machine helps the farmers to sow the seeds by the use of hands. This particular kind of machine needs more time than the automatic machine that may also use current to operate. There are advantages of using this Hand Push Seeder Machine like

  • Less consumption of time

The time taken by the seeder machines is less as compared to the manual technique that consumes a lot of time.

  • Equal distribution of seeds and less amount of wastage

The seeder machine is designed in such a way that it will distribute the seeds at correct depth and in evenly manner and will help in proper germination. 

  • Maintains proper distance and depth

The seeder machine helps in better distribution of the seeds under the soil and at the right depth which helps in the passage of the air and the seeds get nutrients and water in proper amount to grow fast and healthy.

  • Saving time and labour at a time

The seeder machines save time by doing the work faster than that of the work done manually and also saves labour as a machine can do many works done by more number of farmers on the field within a few hours.

  • Increase productivity paves the way for more profit

As healthy crops grow faster with the use of seeder machines, the productivity increases year after year and helps the farmers earn good amount of profit from the field.

Buy Manual Seeder to be at the profitable side and gain more profit on the field. If less effort put on the soil can truly build healthy crops of future then why will one not invest? Time is a big factor in any kind of work and this precious time can be saved by the use of modern machines.  

The cost of this type of seeder machines is not high and is within the affordable range. There are various kinds of seeder machines available online or offline. The ranges vary from one type to another depending on the quality and power of work. The current drilling machines allow drilling of the soil without tilling thus suitable for agriculture in the hilly areas as well. The Seeders having the press drill technology are much more useful these days and also in more use. It is a remarkable innovation in the field of agriculture.  

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