How Cono Weeders can Benefit Farmers & Increase the Yield

Posted On 2023-08-12 02:34:59

Weeding is a necessary step in cultivation and gardening because weeds compete with the main plants for water, nutrients and space. Any type of unwanted plant that grows in the cultivation field along with the main crop can be termed as weed. If the weeds are not removed on time or at routine interval, then you will notice significant reduction in yield.

In yesteryears, weeding was carried out manually. This is an eco-friendly procedure since no harmful chemicals were being used to remove the weeds. Thus, no harm comes to the plants or the soil. However, manual weeding has some limitations which make it an impractical procedure.

Disadvantages of Manual Weeding

·         It takes up lots of time.

·         Multiple labourers have to be appointed to weed a field which does not make it a cost-effective method.

·         Manual weeding is difficult when the soil surface is loose or dry.

·         Removed weeds may survive if they are left in the pooled water on the field by accident or mistake.

·         This is a laborious method of weeding because an individual has to stay bent for a long period of time.

Many farmers have started using mechanical weed remover for Agriculture due to these disadvantages. The machines have been specifically designed for weeding. They can remove the unwanted plants from the field without harming the main crop. These machines can remove the weed faster than the labourers who are usually paid on hourly basis.

Thus, using a machine for weeding instead of using labourers is cost-effective solution for the farmers. It also saves time and increases productivity. There are different types of weeding machines and manual cono weeder is a machine suitable for the paddy fields.

Every weeding machine has been designed to do a particular task. The cono weeders are built to move through the narrow rows of paddy without any difficulty while removing the weeds.

Main Features of Cono Weeder

·         They are made of two truncated rollers which are fitted to the bottom of a long handle. This handle is used to push the weeding machine through the rows of paddy. The weeds can be removed due to the back and forth movement of the rollers in the top 3 cm of the soil.

·         The conical rollers are purposefully set in one line (one in front of another). Both of these rollers are fitted with serrated blades and flat bladed on the periphery in alternate order.

The serrated blades are used for weeding. The flat blades invert the topsoil and trample the weeds that turn into green manure. Thus, cono weeders don’t just remove the unwanted plants from the field; they improve the quality of soil and increase production.

·         A flat structure, which is known as the float, remains in front of the rollers at the bottom of the pole. There has to be at least 1-2 inches of water in the field for a cono weeder to work. They don’t work on the dry field. The float prevents the rollers from sinking into the wet ground of the cultivation land when being pushed forward.

The farmers benefit in different ways when using a cono weeder.

·         When the serrated blades of this machine cut through the topsoil and the flat blade inverts the soil, it leads to improved aeration of the cultivation field. The aeration of soil is essential for proper development of plants’ root system. Thus, farmers will notice significant increase in production when they buy best cono weeder.

·         The serrated blades of cono weeder remove the old roots alongside removing the weeds. On the other hand, the flat blades soil the new roots. Thus, new roots can properly grow and plants become healthier. This is another way for this machine to increase the yield.

·         Cono weeder makes it possible for the farmers to weed a large area of cultivation field within a day. This machine may complete the tasks of 5-6 field workers on a daily basis. Thus, farmers can save their money when they need not hire as many field workers as before.

·         Cono weeders are manual weeding machines. Thus, there is no need to worry about additional expenses. These machines need no fuel or electricity for work.

·         The long handle of a cono weeder enables a user to remain upright when pushing it forward. Use of this machine causes no backache because there is no need to bend forward. These machines are not heavy and can be pushed by any adult on wet ground.


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