Save Man Hours by Using Paddy Planter Machine for Planting Rice Plants

Posted On 2022-08-09 12:08:47

Rural India depends on agriculture mostly. But, it is also true that they are far from the modern agricultural machines. In the case of transplanting rice paddy they tend to use agricultural labors and thus the cost of their agri-products increases. In lieu of engaging so many labors if they use the modern machineries such as rice planter, then it will surely be a great scope for them to increase their profit as well.

What is a rice transplanter?

A rice transplanter machine is designed to transplant rice paddy just by employing one man, which is a labor intensive work for the farmers nowadays. This machine helps not only to save man hours but also provide the finest option to save cultivating cost as well.

Types of rice transplanter machine:

It is available in manual operation based and motor based as well. If you use a motor based machine then you will get services at faster speed and it will be more profitable for you. From transplanting them at minimum quantity to completing the transplantation process at lesser time; everything will be possible for you. The farmer will be capable of planting paddy by riding on the pedestal of the machine and thus it will be a smart work in cultivating paddy as well.

On the other hand; you will have to do hard work to transplant rice paddy by using a manual rice transplanter machine but it will cost lesser to purchase. Now, based on your cultivating area and purchasing capacity you may take a decision in choosing a type of rice transplanter.

In addition to that, you will find two row rice planter and 4 row rice planter as well. In this case also you will have to take a better decision as per your need. For cultivating a bigger land, you will find the 4 row planter as a better choice.


By making use of the motor, you will find many moving parts of the machine and it will help you planting crops easily. By loading paddy on the given area of the machine, and after starting the machine you will easily be possible to plant the paddy in a row of two or four. Therefore, it is always easier to use a machine that provides higher performance and helps the farmers saving their hard work. These machines are easy to operate and therefore anyone can make the best use of them. Again, you will find it as a modern machine for planting paddy. And thus you will be capable of getting the benefits of modern paddy planter machine as well.

Save Time:

You know that time is money. If you want to earn more then you will have to make the best use of your time. And in this context, the farmers have a choice to turn their problems into opportunities. Therefore, you will have to take steps for meeting your agricultural needs in the finest way. There is no better alternative to make more profit from your agriculture other than increasing the uses of different modern machines.

Make Farming Easy:

Day by day man hours are becoming costlier. On the other hand; the cost of cultivation is increasing but the prices of different crops is not increasing in that proportion. Therefore, to save not only the farmers but also the economy of rural India, there is a great need of change. And the finest way is to use different machines in the agriculture, which will make farming easier and help the farmers to generate profits as well.

Where to buy rice planter?

Different choices are there before the farmers to purchase rice planter but the best option is choosing a reliable source, from where you can get enough details as well as diverse choices. In the online stores that deal in rice planter and other agricultural machines; you will be capable of choosing the best one as per your requirement. You will find manual as well as motor operated machines. And it will help you to compare the prices, benefits of using and some other points also, which will help you making an informed and profitable decision.

Decision is Yours:

Whether you will prefer following the age old practices of cultivation or you will be interested in using the modern machines; solely depends on your choice and decision. However, after reading this blog you will feel interest to change the process of cultivation and it will surely be a game changer for you and your family as well as for the country too.

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