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Posted On 2021-07-23 14:24:09

About Brush Cutter : Brush cutter grass cutter use for grass crops cutting or trimming usually use for wheat rice sugarcane hedge trimming more multi tasking machine . It can use as mini tiller by attaching tiller or weeder attachments. Yantratools provides a best quality grass trimmer with all complete accessories in wholesale price to the customers with cash on delivery service and warranty . now a days brush cutter a common machine in India and reduce a labor cost and save lots of time of Indian Farmers . yantratools is on mission to mechanize the India and make advance in Technology at agriculture Field. Buy your best and affordable crop cutting machine cum tiller weeder at low price .

Which Brush Cutter is Best ?   Brush cutter come in 2 models side pack or shoulder mounted  and back pack . Back pack and side pack both are good according to comfort any can buy both are regular running machine in India . Now as we know that Brush cutter comes in 2 types but we do a mistake to choose brush cutter with any knowledge of Engine variant . 

Generally in India coming 2 type of Engine 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine . If farmer is buying with purpose of crop cutting only, then we recommend to buy 4 stroke brush cutter, behind this reason is 4  stroke engine has less fuel consumption then 2 stroke . with good power of cutting capacity. 

But If farmer of customer has requirement of crop cutting as well as tilling weeding and multi using then whom must to take 2 stroke because 2 stroke engine has much power full then 4 stroke but it take a bit more fuel then 4 stroke but its good for tilling weeding and all other working . 

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