Get Familiar with Different Types and Uses of Modern Food Processing Machines

Posted On 2022-02-07 21:15:59

With the onset of industrialization, demand of food processing systems has increased greatly. From processing the foods, to cooking, handling, and even in packaging the food items; these machines are commonly used. These machines are available in different types and they have different uses as well. Let you go through the important points in this aspect.

What is a food processing machine?

A system developed to process food items is known as a food processing machine. But this simple line cannot represent this section completely. From preparing to cooking as well as for packaging different types of machines are used. And this is the reason; different types of system are found in this field.

What are the uses of food processing machines?

From bakery items to beverages, in every field these machines are used. These are specially designed machines that provide systematic processing of food items and produce in a bulk quantity as well. For the food processing companies, these machines are of high value. From small scale industries to large scale industries, everywhere you will find these systems, where processing of food items is the job.

Why we use food processing equipment in food industry?

For meeting the need of different sections of food processing, machines are used. Food processing is a cycle and each part of this cycle is important. Washing, boiling, smashing, processing, freezing, packaging are some of the parts. In this case, executing the process in a flow, equipments play a vital role. Manpower may make mistakes and may cause a great loss. In addition to that, bulk production may get hampered in many cases if only people are engaged in this process.

What are some examples of food processing?

Making a ready food from a raw food ingredient is called food processing. In the bakery industry machines are used for making bakery items from wheat. Similar processes are followed in the packaged food producing industries. In these industries, these types of equipments are used.

What are some examples of food processing machines?

There are different types of food processing machines such as, food packaging tools, grinder/milling, de-husking/peeling, dairy equipment, juicer/blender machine, food cutting machine,, bakery products, fast food machine, food storage systems, etc. Depending on the nature of industries, different types of food processing machines are used.

Grinder for Mills:   To crush, smash a grinder machine is used in the food milling industries. For breaking nuts, wheat, other types of grains grinder machines are commonly used for faster and better services.

Commercial Atta Chakki Wheat Grinder 150 – 180 Kg Per Hour without Motor, Premium Quality Corn Thresher Machine 1.2 HP, 2800 RPM, Automatic Pulverizer Machine for Wet and Dry Grinding, 5 HP Motor, 35 Kg Per Hr., Hand Operated Domestic Pithi Grinder without Bearing, etc. are some examples of milling and grinding machines.

Chaff Cutter:  A chaff cutter is a cutting machine, which is commonly used for cutting straw for the preparation of cattle, horses, etc.

Some examples of chaff cutter machines are heavy duty electric chaff cutter with 2 HP without motor, chaff cuter machine with 2 HP electric without motor, electric juice machine small fruits vegetable juice, heavy duty chaff cutter machine with 2HP or 3 phase motor, heavy duty electric chaff cutter with 2 HP motor, heavy duty chaff cutter machine with 2 HP electric motor, automatic cabbage cutting machine 200Kg per hour, etc.

Oil Press Machines:  For extracting oil from different food items such as sunflower, coconut, mustered seeds, etc, oil press machine is used for high quality and faster services. Gorek Mini Oil Seed Press Machine 400 Watt, Gorek domestic oil seed press machine 400 watt 3 to 6 Kg per hour, heavy commercial oil mill 1500 watt stainless steel body, Stainless steel commercial oil seed press machine 20 to 28 Kg per hour, etc, are some examples of oil press machines.

Juice Machine: For extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, etc, a juice machine provides the best services. It simplifies the process and makes it faster as well. Heavy duty Neptune- Stainless Steel Manual Sugarcane Juice Machine, Heavy duty chaff cutter chara cutter 500 Kg per hour without motor, etc., are some examples of juice machines, found under the category of food processing machines.

Hotels/ Kitchen Equipments:   For cutting, mixing, threshing, and for some other purposes hotels or kitchen equipments are used, which are found very useful to cook food of better quality and at by spending lesser manual time as well. Some examples of kitchen equipments are domestic saag bhaji cutting machine, farsan besan mixing machine 7 Kg for flour, farsan, besan mixing, Charcoal Barbecue Bhatti with Greel medium size, Banana wafer chips machine speed controller 350Kg per hour, fully auto commercial chapatti making machine 1000 pcs per hour, Chaff cutter with 3 Hp Crompton motor 600 Kg/hr, Premium quality Corn thresher machine 1.2 HP, 2800 RPM, High Capacity Potato Slicer Chip Machine 200 Kg with 0.5 HP motor, Namkeen Farsan Machine 7 inch, 35 Kg/Hr Bhujiya making machine, etc.

How to buy the best quality food processing machines?

If you are planning to install a food processing hub in your locality or in a chosen place then can choose the best quality items online. You can get branded and the best quality items at discounted prices as well. Buying the branded machines is always a better choice. You can attain long term benefits by choosing these items. In addition, when you will choose a branded item from a great array of choices at a reputed online destination, you will get the significant benefits as well. Purchasing Chaff Cutter Machine or oil seed press machine online of a reputed brand is always a good choice.

What are the prices of different food processing machines?

The price of a machine depends on type and capacity of the machine. If you want to buy a heavy duty machine then no doubt you will have to pay more than a machine of low quality and capable of processing food at lower quantity. When you will go online and search at a reliable online destination, you will get detailed knowledge about different food processing machines, their capacities as well as their prices. However, you may attain discount on special offers as well.

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