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Agricultural machinery helps farming easier and affordable. Different types of mechanical systems and devices are used in farming. From tools to tractor comes under this category. All types of machines and tools that are used for cultivating crops, gardening and farming get included in this segment. Apart from that the vehicles that are used for transporting crops from one place to another are also considered part of farming machinery.

With these tools farmers tend to manage soil, develop land, automate farming and livestock, etc. From planting, cultivating, harvesting, storing, processing, and transporting; in every case, the use of farming machinery plays crucial role. These machineries are used for both organic as well as nonorganic cultivation. In comparison with manual farming, farming by using suitable machineries becomes easier, time saving, as well as labor saving.

In lieu of animal power, motor power is used for operating many of the farming machineries. Let you get familiar with the commonly used agricultural machinery types:

* Sprayers   * Pump and Motor    * Food Processing Tools      * Packaging Solution   * Brush Cutter     * Fogging Machine     * Manual Garden Tools    * Power Tiller    *     Harvester     * Seeder   * Special Farming Tools     * Earth Augers      * Chainsaw Machines    *   Lawn Mower   * Sprinklers   *    Tractors   * Combines     * Planters    * etc.

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