Multi Attachment 2 Stroke Brush Cutter, 52cc for multi purpose work

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Multi Attachment 2 Stroke Brush Cutter, 52cc for multi purpose work

Specifications :
  • Product Type : Brush Cutter
  • Brand : Imported
  • Engine Type : Air-cooled Engine
  • Engine Type : 2 Stroke
  • Displacement : 52 CC
  • Rated Power(kW) : 1.6 kW
  • Rated Power(HP) : 2.2HP
  • Fuel Used : Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 1200ml
  • Fuel Consumption : 600ml/hr
  • RPM : 10000
  • Shaft Size : 28mm
  • Weight : 18Kg (Approx.)

Accessories :
  • Chainsaw Attachment
  • Hedge Trimmer Attachment
  • Professional Tiller Attachment
  • Paddy Cutting TCT Blade.
  • Paddy Guard
  • Tap n Go & Nylon Trimmer
  • Manual Book
  • Shoulder Belt.
  • Oil Mixing Can.
  • Tool Kit.


A brush cutter, which is actually a cleaning saw, is used for garden cleaning, cutting small tress, trimming weeds, and other foliage, which are not easily accessible with a lawn mower or other types of mower. The added advantage of a brush cutter is various applications by attaching different attachments. For cutting different types of items, attaching blades of different numbers is useful. If you intend to trim weeds, then 8 or below numbered blades are useful but for cutting small trees, use of blades of 40 or more become useful. So, it can be assumed that a brush cutter machine is a multipurpose machine, which provides various types of cutting or trimming options with attachments of different types.

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